[Guide] Mining Rune Essence to make more RS gold

FREE players especially low leveled can have a chance to make more RS gold by mining the Rune Essence.

IMG Source: wikia

Start mining and start earning more RS gold

The Rune Essence is a type of materials that can be use to create low leveled runes (air, fire, water, earth, mind and body runes). Runes are used to allow players to cast various magic spells using magic skills. Runecrafting skill is essential on making various runes. Since rune essence has a very high demand in Grand Exchange, it is a good source for RS gold sell.


For FREE players, mining in the Aubury is the best place to mine Rune essence. You can also store the rune essence in Varrock east bank. Players must go first in the Aubury’s Rune Shop to teleport you in the Aubury. Once you’ve arrived, you can start mining the Rune essence. Be sure to fill your storage and inventory before you sell them at Grand Exchange. This way you can make more RS gold.


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