Knowing who and which merchant you can get more runescape gold

If you are new player to the Runescape, you probably don’t have any idea on how to get rich or where to gain more Runescape gold. You won’t survive in Runscape if you have lack of Runescape gold in you. Today we will show you what Merchanting is.


Merchanting is a general term used in Runescape that covers all kinds of trades that can be used to increase your Runescape gold. Most of the time, Merchanting happens at the Grand Exchange Works.

Forms of Trade in Runescape; the way to increase Runescape gold

Investing – this involves predicting the price change in the market item’s long-term price trend. A method where the player buys an item instantly when the items reaches the lowest point and then sell it at higher Runescape gold price than the original when they think the prices reaches at the highest point. It is more profitable when the items in the market have a large change in its price.

Flipping – this method involves buying the items at the market and sells them instantly at a slightly higher Runescape gold price. This method is safer if the item in the market has a high trade volume.

Bulk Quantity Flipping – this method involves buying large quantities of item which is usually stack items and sells them at a slightly higher Runescape gold price.

Modern merchants, however, have found ways to work with around the Grand Exchange to make more Runescape gold, including: long term investments, time-based arbitrage, price manipulation, “Market Value” to “Street Value” arbitrage, and item conversion.


Earning Runescape – Wine of Zamorak

Making rs items like wine of zamorak is one way to make runescape gold.


Grape to Wine of Zamorak to runescape gold

Wine of Zamorak is made from grapes, which can be grown on your own with the use of your farming skills that can only be grow in the place of Zamorak or can be gathered in the captured temple near South of Goblin Village. Making Wine of Zamorak will require you to buy jugs from the grand exchange for cheap runescape gold. Wine of Zamorak is cannot be consume by runescape players but its use as a crafting materials to make potions.



Acronyms and Abbreviations For better runescape gold buy/sell

In every mmo, knowing the acronyms and abbreviations of certain items will gives you advancement within the market as they are sign that you know what you’re selling or buying for runescape gold.




Why need to learn SLANG when runescape gold is involved?

Whenever you go to market places such as The Grand Exchange where there are lots of vendors, merchants and playerauctions, you’ll be seeing lots of slang terms for certain items for runescape gold sell. There are several vendors that take advantage of the price to the people who don’t know the slang terms as they are signs of being a newbie.


Closure of MT. GOX might be the good thing happened for the future of Bitcoins

Bitcoin is one of the alternative currency people nowadays uses for their transaction. This bitcoin acts as a electronic/virtual currency use for online transactions. Though the government in some countries tries to decline this currency, bitcoin industry still continues to stand.




What will gonna happen to the bitcoin industry now?

As we know, before you can use bitcoin, you still need to use third party software that will act as your “e-wallet”. On the other hand, MT. GOX is one of the largest and oldest bitcoin exchanges in the market; however in the past few weeks MT. GOX holds the withdrawal of its customers which lead their audience to think that they are going bankruptcy.


As the government in most countries tries to stop the people on using bitcoins, they said that to what happened to MT.GOX is a good thing as it shows the people that bitcoin isn’t that reliable as it looks.


While Ryan Straus an attorney that focuses on the virtual goods and alternative currency posted his opinion about this on PlayerAuctions Hub. The Mt. Gox situation is troublesome for the bitcoin industry as it exists today.” He said.



[GUIDES] Lending RS items to friends or to make runescape gold from it

Lending items doesn’t always need to be risky, in runescape lending items can be both helpful build friendship and earn runescape gold from.


How to use lending system as renting runescape gold source

Lending of rs items & Runescape Gold is pretty visible in the world of MMO; it can be between friends, lovers or guildmates. Jagex released the “Item Lending” feature on year 2008 this is prevent players from scams of items and Runescape gold. The items for lend in Runescape can be set from 1hour to 24 hours of lending time. If the lender wanted the items to lend it to his friend or customer at a unlimited time, it can be set to “Until Logout”.

How much runescape gold needed for lending?

Listed below are the are the rs items weapons and armor only that can be runescape gold lend.


  • Abyssal whip
  • Ancient staff
  • Composite bows*
  • Dragon weapons*
  • Godswords*
  • Granite maul
  • Longbows**
  • Rune weapons
  • Saradomin sword
  • Seercull bow
  • Shortbows**
  • Zamorakian spear

  • Amulet of fury
  • Archer helm
  • Archer ring
  • Armadyl armour*
  • Bandos armour*
  • Berserker helm
  • Berserker ring
  • Dragon armour*
  • Dragonhide armour*
  • Farseer helm
  • God armour
  • Granite armour*
  • Mage boots
  • Mystic armour*
  • Obsidian cape
  • Ranger boots
  • Robin hood hat
  • Rockshell armour*
  • Rune armour*
  • Seer’s ring
  • Skeletal armour*
  • Spined armour*
  • Splitbark armour*
  • Third age armour*
  • Warrior helm
  • Warrior ring

  • Animal masks
  • Berets
  • Cavalier hats
  • Flared trousers
  • Halloween masks
  • Headbands
  • Highwayman mask
  • Pantaloons
  • Party hats
  • Powdered wig
  • Santa hat
  • Sleeping cap
  • Top hat



[News] Try enjoying the 2nd World Event and earn more rewards and RS gold

Participate in this joyous World Event and obtain rewards and make Rs gold

Jagex recently released the second world event in Runescape. This second world event is called “The Bird and the Beast”. It features the gods Armadyl and Bandos. Both gods fight over weapons of mass destruction. In addition to this, players can raid caravans of the opposing faction. More rewards and more RS gold waiting for you.

Divination skill has a role in this world event. Players will choose which faction they will choose. Unlike the first world event “Battle of Lumbridge”, in this event, the loser of the conflict will die. Players have the ability to build a golem from their faction. You use this golem to either defend or to attack the opposing faction. If a player contributes in their faction, they will be given Renown. You can use the accumulated Renown to redeem your rewards and gain powerful gears. What’s more, you can even earn more RS gold by selling some rewards.


[News] Become a Premier Club member and get tons of benefits and RS gold

Access all Members only areas and get tons of benefits by joining the Premier Club

For the upcoming year, Jagex has been planning a new update that includes new areas to explore, new skill, and tons of new events. But before the end of December, they released the membership club which is called the Premier Club. This is a limited time offer for the players of Runescape. By becoming a member of this club, you will gain tons of benefits including access to members’ only areas and more ways to make RS gold and more bonuses.

Players can choose three membership offers; Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each of them has different benefits and bonuses. You can become a member by redeeming Bonds. You can buy Bonds in the Grand Exchange using RS gold.

Below are the list of benefits and bonuses of each package:


  • 12 months of membership.
  • 150,000 Loyalty Points.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Piggles the Flying Pig.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Commander Porkins.
  • One extra daily spin on Squeal of Fortune.
  • VIP world – an exclusive game world for Gold Premier Club members.
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions hosted on the VIP world.
  • VIP badge (can be toggled) that appears besides your name in chat.
  • A VIP badge displayed on the forums.
  • Promotional Items from 2013 and 2014, including pre-paid card cosmetic items.


  • 6 months of membership.
  • 50,000 Loyalty Points.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Piggles the Flying Pig.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Commander Porkins.
  • One extra daily spin on Squeal of Fortune.


  • 3 months of membership.
  • 20,000 Loyalty Points.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Piggles the Flying Pig.

Save you Rs gold now and become a member of the Premier Club by using Bonds. Remember that they are limited time only so don’t miss this chance to become a member.


[Update] Double the donation, more reason to donate RS gold

Help and support charities by donating your RS gold

Because of the great feedback from the Runescape community, more and more players are donating their RS gold and Bonds in the Well of Goodwill. Before the end of the month, Jagex will be doubling the donation that will help and support the charities. For every ten million Rs gold donated by players, Jagex will now donate $2.00 to charity on your behalf. This will give a more reason for players to donate more RS gold.

Due to the good response, they already donated more than $60,000 total for charity from 330 billion RS gold donated and from 6,000 Bonds.

Remember that you can donate Rs gold, in-game items, and Bonds to the Well of Goodwill. Keep on donating and don’t stop helping.

The Well of Goodwill also act as a RS gold sink for the game that will save the economy of Runescape.